Geology Field Pouch

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  • Geologists
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  • Birder Watchers
  • All Field Scientists

Made in the U.S.A.

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Field Pouch in Action

Designed by a geologist for geologists, biologists, archeologists, birders and everybody who is outstanding in the field.

Keep all of your field supplies in one easy- to- access place for the best field experience.

Sturdy and affordable Plateau Design Field Pouches keep you organized with:

For the past 32 years, our customers have been using PD pouches for far more than geology supplies alone; they have also held field biologists’ & hydrologists’ gear, artists’ sketch books and pencils, plus bird watchers’ guide books.

I am still using my first Plateau Designs field pouch that I bought as a geology graduate student in 1994. After 17 field seasons in Idaho, Montana, and the Brooks Range of Alaska it is still durable enough to head out with me in the summer of 2011. The pouch is big enough to hold everything that needs to be readily accessible, but is small enough to not get in the way during scrambles up and across steep slopes. I recommended the pouch to all of our geology students and will certainly buy another once my original finally wears out.
Thanks for the great product.

James Vogl, University of Florida

Plateau Design was founded in 1984 by Julie Roller. While a field assistant in Yosemite National Park for the US Geological Survey in the early '80's, she was issued the standard stiff leather pouch, the only option. Not satisfied, she designed a geology field pouch that was easy to use, of long-lasting material, and fit the needs of field geologists and field workers everywhere. While she was a Masters student in Flagstaff, Arizona, a fellow graduate student guaranteed to sell 20 of her pouches if she made him one for his field work. On that day Plateau Design was born.

Geology Field Pouch with Butterfly
The PD pouch has traveled far and wide -
here in Peru, it holds a bird book and provides
a resting place for a beautiful local butterfly.

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